I run Bourke's Internet Service Provider and Mike's Computer Consultancy, but this page is separate to all my businesses.

Just thought I'd create a separate page for all that stuff that just doesn't belong anywhere else.

Silly Stuff

Can I write a book, I wonder.(LapLink for Brains Ep. 1.)
Mike's Ancient Photos.
The Best Pillow - make your own.
Fitting a Stereo or Car Radio on your Bicycle.
NEW: Ode to my Shoes

Handy Hints

WD-40 Straws - Lost the original? Make Your Own.
Thick Hair - Maintenance
Freebie Remote Control Software
Unblocking an Epson Inkjet Printer.
ICQ Startup Problem Solution.
Why I changed to Internet Explorer.
 Stop a Drink Driver
Backing up and Restoring WIN95

Other Stuff

Shareware Quake Server in Australia. - I found one that works at last! I still get killed all the time tho :(
Fixing the GFX.WAD File probelm for Quake.
House for sale - in Batemans Bay.
PV-BT848 Video Capture and Cirrus Logic CL-GD5446 PCI Graphics card rubbish text.
The Puppies have arrived! and Puppies II.
Modem Sharing with FireSock
Excellent File Utility - helps solve heaps of Window's mystery problems - find out which DLL is really missing for example. Grap OpenTrap - you won't be sorry.

Grumpy Stuff

General Offences. - A log of the problems I find Every Day in Bourke. (Esp. traffic offences.)

Indicator Toothbrushes - 2 years on, but I can still just make out the coloured bits where they are moulded into the body of the brush. But really, it still works OK. 3 months they said and it would be time to get a new one. I learnt long ago the art of preserving toothbrushes - don't chew them!.

Cats - 4 legged animals that eat anything smaller than themselves.

Dogs - Bigger version of Cats, but also chase cars and bicycles

Me - Someone who gets chased by Dogs, but not Cats.

An Experiment.

Home - A place where I live.

One good thing about living in Bourke - We have an Ice Cream truck that doesn't distort.

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