WD-40 Straws (WD40, RP7) - Make Your Own

Anybody who has purchased one of these products will know that they come  with a small straw for spraying into small areas. And sure enough within a week, you've lost it! (the straw, if not the entire tin :) )

Here's How to Fix It!

Buy or Find a pack of Black & Gold Cotton Buds. (Cotton Tips.) Look closely, and you should find they are made of plastic straws with cotton buds on the end!

Simply Take one Cotton Bud, and taper off the Edge lightly as shown below. You will need to  use a sharp knife or a pencil sharpener.

Once you have tapered the edge a little, try placing it in the nozzle of the tin. You my need to have a few goes to get the right fit.

Another Handy Hint from Mike.