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No Monthly Fees at all    Best-Value ADSL

How to get connected!

There are several ways to get connected to
Apply online

If you're reading this online, you can email a request for an account to be created. We are working on an online application form.


Apply by Telephone.

You can apply by telephone on either (02) 6775 0239 or 0427 644 825


Apply at an Agency has a small but growing number of agencies - some of which are capable of creating accounts.


Set up your PC

We will shortly have a page you can visit which will automatically set up your connection. In the interim, you can follow the steps for Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP here.


Set up your Email

We can send you an automatic configuration file if you already have an email address. If not, please follow the steps here.


Purchase some Internet Hours

If applying for the first time:

  • by phone or email, it is preferable if you can provide a credit card for the payment.
  • If this is not possible, and you are not able to make a payment at an agency or by direct deposit, we can create an account for you that will be valid for five hours until a payment is received.

If you wish to top up your account, you can :

  • Use the Pay by Credit Card page or over the 'phone.
  • Pay using EFT to BSB 062510 Acct 1003 7479
  • Pay using a cheque or money order to:

442 Tom's Gully Road
Black Mountain, NSW, 2365