There are number of ways you can seek help from Auzzie Internet.

Help via Email

Assuming your email is working; you can email to get assistance! Responses are usually sent within 48 hours, and often much sooner.

Help via Skype

If you have Skype installed on your computer, you can use Skype to ask for help and information. (Skype allows you to make voice calls over the Internet.) Note that you will first need to add the user 'cccons' to your list before you will be able to call.

Help via Telephone

You can call (02) 6775 0239 for assistance at any time. (The telephone is not manned 24 hours a day, so leave a message if no one answers.)

Feel free to request a call back to save you STD costs. Auzzie Internet is not big enough to warrant a 1800 number or 13 number at this stage, but has access to cheap landline and VOIP calling technologies.

Help via MSN Messenger / Windows Messenger.

Any computer with Windows XP includes Windows Messenger. If it is not already configured, you can configure it at

Messenger allows you to pass text message back and forth for free. For assistance, add to your list of contacts on MSN messenger / Windows Messenger.

Help via Yahoo Messenger.

You can reach Auzzie Internet via Yahoo Messenger using the screename lispbourke






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