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About Us

Auzzie.Net has one principal belief:

  • The internet is a resource that should be there when you need it, but should not cost anything if you don't use it. Accounting fees and credit expiry are unethical.

Any dial-up time you purchase remains yours until you use it. It is not eroded by monthly fees and does not expire.

For heavier users of the Internet, ADSL is the way to go. We have established a relationship with Exetel Pty Ltd who offer some of the best-value ADSL plans avaliable that closest match with the Auzzie.Net philosophy of fairness!

Some people don't want to use the internet every day, but then something unexpected happens (such as being given an orphaned baby sheep to bring up, or the dog having puppies) and it's times like these when the Internet is a really handy resource

Others only want to check out their bank accounts or read the newspaper, and don't want to commit to a plan that locks them in to a fixed monthly fee or a contract.

Rural Focus: has extensive experience in managing connections on radio telephones and other sub-standard rural telephone services. We also know about and are happy to recommend alternative products if they will suit your needs better than ours.


  • first began trading in 1997 as LiSP Bourke.
  • LiSP Bourke began with ten modems and a 64K ISDN connection. Back then the hourly rate was $2.
  • In May, 2002 I decided to convert LiSP Bourke to a 56K service. At this time we had 280 active users per month, and 375 users with open accounts.
  • LiSP Bourke was renamed to in June, 2002 because the conversion to 56K enabled us to provide a National service.