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I occasionally make stuff that is kind of inventive - even tho in many cases it is useless.

Written by the wierdo otherwise known as Michael Kean.

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Windows XP Wireless Bridge...

You cannot make a bridge using Belkin 802.11b cards.. Pings go up over 4000ms
You also cannot make a one with an SMC 802.11b card. Same Problem.

You can however make a reasonably reliable wireless bridge using a MINITAR wireless 802.11b PCMCIA card - haven't tested a PCI card. The LAN card used was a Netgear FA411 PCMCIA, on XP Home original.

AverMedia TV USB 1.1

Not worth buying. It's mono, it's USB 1.1, and the software's not particularly good. The sound doesn't appear to have treble de-emphasis so sounds remarkably tinny!

Instead get...

LeadTek Winfast TV USB Deluxe II

Still a bit buggy, but much better than the above. Does not play stereo on default playback unless you press a key to make it stereo, but does record stereo if asked!

If taping a show that passes midnight, you may encounter a spurious overlap warning. (Why can't people write software any more??) You might have to take the risk of stopping recording at 11:59pm and starting again at midnight. (For those Big Brother fans out there!)

If your computer is low on grunt, you can save a few hundred MHz of load by not using the USB sound option built into the device.

Audio Out of Sync when converting to DivX AVI from MPG

Most converters ignore the padding channel, so after conversion you end up with sound way out of sync to the video. A non-free utility called VideoReDo will recreated the file(s) and remove the padding stream, so you can then convert it to DivX using Auto Gordian Knot. (It is an automated tool for converting and retains aspect ratio, which many converters don't do!) For some reason, the Windows Media Encoder 9 will sometimes go extremely slow while converting, and strangely not use all the CPU cycles either!

Tip: If you are norty, you can use LimeWire to cheat on buying stuff. Let your conscience guide you on that one however. If the price is reasonable, you should still buy stuff.