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Saturday, 17 January 2009 02:40

For all photos from Port Arthur, click Here.

Port Arthur is about an hour or so from Hobart by road. It's the site of an old prisoner camp that has since been converted to a historic money-making place where you can have a look around at what life was like in the 1840s. 


Admission was, I think, about $28 each, and be warned that your tour operator might not warn you of this :) Audio tours run every 30 minute or so, wherein a spokesperson wanders around with a small amplifier attached to their groin and tells you about the place. The hard of hearing may have trouble with this but it was passable.

You'd really need the best part of a day to check it all out - we checked out a fair bit in the 3 hours we had there and that was enough walking for me for one day :) You also get boat ride included which had good commentary, and there are optional tours of the island where they (used to!) bury the bodies.


From Port Arthur


From Port Arthur



From Port Arthur


It seems that most of the prisoners eventually went mad. Sadly a local resident also went mad there some years ago with a machine gun.


From Port Arthur

 This is a photo of the memorial. It used to be the cafe where Martin Bryant lost it.


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