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Friday, 09 January 2009 10:43

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Launceston was our first town on our trip :) It was a pleasant short journey from the airport.

We spent the first day checking out the Cataract Gorge and the nearby town areas.


From Launceston - Tow

We stayed at the Mercure hotel - a relatively boring typical business motel from the late '80s. On the plus side, it was centrally located and reasonably well furnished. On the minus side it had no dedicated parking space, the window had no fly screen, and the room service food did not match it's description. (I expect more than just a bread roll with melted cheese and ham in it plus a mountain of chips when I order a Foccacia with Ham and Cheese, Chips and Salad. There was no salad, it cost $16, and they took 40+ mins to deliver it, after a phone call to ask what happened to it.) It may however be the best place in town. Reviews from other people are here.

From Launceston - Town

On the second night / third day morning, I suffered a nasty bout of food poisoning which severely curtailed our investigation of Launceston. I could only manage the National Motor Museum punctuated by dunny runs every 15-30 min en route. (More details here)

From Launceston - Town


On this trip, we hired a Hyundai Getz. It was an interesting car to drive - rather zippy compared to the Kingswood. It took me a while to get used to having to be at 2,000RPM plus if I wanted to have any power. The one modern feature of this car I particularly liked was the integrated bluetooth which found my phone, allowed me to converse with customers while on the road, and also to play podcasts and music through the stereo directly from the phone. 

The Hyundai Getz appears to have a breeding ground in Tasmania, as there are heaps of them on the road!

From Launceston - Town

Val's new TomTom also excelled in our travels, making adventuring off the beaten track a carefree experience. It sh*ts all over my older Navman in most competencies despite being half the price.

From Launceston - Town



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