More About Me.

G'day Visitor :)

How are wierdos like me made? Here are the ingredients...

  • One Biological Mother in the UK - a little heavy on the brews, and a medical woman I think.
  • One English Father in Australia - an engineer who is good enough to headhunted, once from Woomera Rocket Range.
  • One Australian Step Mother - when you are two :) who is a damn good social worker.
  • One Aunt / close friend of Step mother with a Kingswood HG
  • An Irish Setter, 10 foster kids, then a move to Sydney, a Labrador and a Basset Hound. (All needed the social worker!)
  • One mad blonde sister who really loved you but was bigger than you and could pick on you.
  • Lots of cassette recorders, wires, switches, walkmen, NiCD batteries, Z80 Computers, speakers, etc.
  • ...and lots more

...anyway that's the past.

Time now finds me living 80 Ks out of Bourke NSW, with my wonderful other half, two dogs, innumerable chickens, a few ducks, a goose, two peacocks, two turkeys, a cat, and until recently a sheep with three legs. (Now replaced with three black sheep.) All the animals are insane.

My four main interests are still electronics, computing and music. :) Wonder who can read between the lines...

I fix computers and run an Internet Service Provider to earn a living - and at the moment those two things are going along fairly well - well enough for me to find the time to write this anyway. (Mind you the rain is a contributing factor!)

I love a good joke. I have 200 videos in my collection - most of them things like Simpsons, AFHVS, stuff like that.

I'm a fairly shy critter by nature - and not very good at socialising...but then mostly I don't feel the need anyway. When I do ICQ is a passable alternative (icq#5424445 7pm-12am) - living 80 Ks from town out on a property I can't just drop in for a chat! I'm the type of fella who if for some reason goes to a pub, am the one who ends up surrounded by kids whilst they take it in turns playing Redneck Rampage on the laptop. If I don't have the computer or some other gizmo, I'm out of place :)

Generally I don't like babies and kids - insolence really pisses me off - probably something inherited by the forementioned father :) Still I'm not too bad most of the time. Perhaps it's just that I encounter too many backstabbing ferals in this town. Babies should not be allowed in public if they are going to cry. Almost as bad as smokers! Mind you there are some good kids around too.

I don't believe in religion - after all there are way too many and they cause too many stupid wars. However I know that looking after other people and not killing / stealing is right so I will stick with that. If there's a god of some sort or a recycling of some kind no doubt I'll find out when I cark it. If it's too late it's too late. :)

Anyway enough about me for now.

Feel free to visit the yack page if you have something you want to say :) I broke it :(




Written by the wierdo otherwise known as Michael Kean.

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