Note: You might have received an SSL Certificate Error visiting this page. This is because I only receive about one payment per month on average via this service as most people now use online banking instead. As a result, it's not worth spending $100+ a year to keep the certificate current. You can pay over the phone to 02 6775 0239 if you prefer.

The information you enter is still encrypted, but the certificate is expired - hence the warning.

Cool Country Consulting accepts payments via Bankcard, VISA and MasterCard.

To pay your account by credit card, please fill in the following details:

"U-Beaut Credit Card Company"
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  • Payments are not processed in real time.
  • Your payment details are transmitted by secure (SSL) communication to the server and are then retrieved by secure (SSL) mail for processing. The mail client uses an encrypted file system.
  • Paying your account via EFT is preferable to using a credit card, as we have to pay a percentage of your payment to the bank if you use Credit Card. (We don't pass that charge on to you.)






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