These days there are so many different companies offering various telephone services, with claims on how much you will save! Problem is, there's usually tricks to it. Some will give you a cheap rental or free local calls, but make up with it by not having capped long distance calls. Others claim to give you discounts for having multiple services with them, but then only apply the discounts to 'applicable calls'

Auzzie has one simple offering, and in most cases it won't affect your existing arrangements with other telephone companies.

Long Distance Call Rates.

12 cents per minute to any landline in Australia.

30 cents per minute to any Australian Mobile Phone

Flagfall: 17.5 cents per call

Minimum Spend: $5 per month

Contract: 1 Month.

Easy to Use

The easiest way to use Auzzie's telephone service is to simply dial 1414 before the phone number that you want to call.

This is what's called an 'override code.' It bypasses your existing phone provider for that one call.

By picking the times you use the override code, you can make extra savings. For example, if you're a Telstra homeline (non-budget) or ISDN owner, you can use this code before 7pm to save on all long distance and mobile calls. After 7pm, you can make the calls as normal and take advantage of Telstra's rates.

Easy to Set Up (No Voice recordings, etc.)

The application is a one page fax.

Fast Activation

It usually takes about 24-48 hours for the override service to be available. That's much faster than changing a telephone company!

Work out the savings first!

You're probably here because you want to reduce your phone bill. Rather than just take mine (or any other company's) word for it, why not take a little time to sit down with a recent phone bill, work out the times and scribble down what the calls would have cost if you'd used the override code. It'd be a rare case where you didn't save!

Auzzie.Net has a relationship with Exetel Pty Ltd, who in turn have a relationship with AAPT and some other large Tel'co's. The offering here is exactly that offered by Exetel. The Application Form is returned directly to Exetel.




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