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By clicking on any picture on this page, you will be taken to my photo gallery at redbubble.com.


My photos range from, outback scenes around the “Back O Bourke”, to more central NSW and even some coastal scenes may be added later.  The Darling and other rivers make up a high percentage of my selection, however you will find nature, some functions such as air shows, humor, (I’m Wearing the Same Boots as you Dad), historical buildings, still life etc, there as well.


All my photos are available as cards, (one size), laminated, mounted, canvas and framed, all in three sizes. Laminated are in two styles, mounted in three, canvas as one, and framed have two styles of frame and six colors.


Once you are in my gallery, select the photo you are interested in, (by clicking on it), click on “buy now” (you don’t have to buy yet!) and you can see the choices, styles, and prices. Be sure to check all the drop downs, to see what choices you have. If you are looking at framed prints, don’t forget to scroll down to see the available frame colors.


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