Well, the fight is on between Exetel and Telstra for best value.

We're winning again, mostly :)

Last time I checked, these were the plans:

Standard Optus. (All 6c/MB Excess, 12 month contract)

$15 for 1.5GB

$25 for 5GB

$35 for 9GB

$50 for 12GB

$80 for 18GB

For more details or to order Click Here :)

Exetel Enhanced: (All 2c/MB Excess, No Contract)

$5 for nothing.

$20 for 1GB

$22 for 2GB

$37.50 for 5GB

For more details or to order Click Here :)

Note: All these plans have excess usage as a risk.

If you want to avoid excess usage you'll either need to go to Telstra or one of the other companies.

Another note: Many mobile phones include some Internet in the plan price - you might not even need another service at all :) Check it out.








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