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There are also some new ADSL2 plans available using Telstra equipment on the above links.


If you don't already own an ADSL modem, you will also need one of those. They start at $50. Click here for more information on Modems available.

If ADSL is too expensive for you, you might find our Wireless Broadband options are more appealing :)


# all the details on this web page are subject to change without notice.

Auzzie.Net acts as an agent for Exetel. The ADSL service advertised here is provided by Exetel. Auzzie Internet adds value to the Exetel service by providing additional support and services, but does not in any way mark up Exetel's prices.

* All times are Eastern Standard Time or Eastern Daylight Saving Time when that applies. If the plan's included download allowance for the period 12 noon to midnight is exceeded in any calendar month the excess usage is charged at $3.00 per gigabyte.

** Please be aware that the upload and download speeds on all 8192/384 plans are not guaranteed in any way. Telstra's statement on speeds likely to be obtained on these plans is "About 70% of customers on the 8000 kbps service can access speeds around 6000 kbps or more."






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